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Kalyani charitable Trust’s R.G.Sapkal Institute of Pharmacy is not only educating the words as pharmacist but also make them embedded with the values to become an ideal Citizen. RGSIOP is organised into course offering a 02 year Diploma in Pharmacy (DIP). These budding Pharmacist are future of Pharma world and will also represent our nation on the globe. we are preparing our student to face the challenges of Pharma technology and in the allied field like community pharmacist.

We will be touching each hook and corner of the science to enrich with holistic knowledge to our budding pharmacist Sapkal knowledge Hub is the manifestation of the vision of its founder Dr. Ravindra G. Sapkal, who had a vision of creating a composite center of learning where the citizens for tomorrow could be groomed since their formative years itself.

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Sapkal labs


Sapkal labs


Sapkal labs


Sapkal labs



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Frequently Asked Questions


How Far Is The Institute Campus From The City Of Nashik?

The main city is approximately 15 km away from the campus.

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How Is The Ambience On The Campus?


Our Vision

→ To nurture talent into all round excellence by providing an educational excellence which is intellectually inspiring and technologically innovative and produce not just professionals but visionaries of tomorrow.

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Our Mission

→ M1- We are committed to deliver quality pharmacy education in order to matrix the learners into globally competitive pharmacist who are professionally intellectually adept and socially responsible.

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