Academics : Vision & Mission


→ To nurture talent into all round excellence by providing an educational excellence which is intellectually inspiring and technologically innovative and produce not just professionals but visionaries of tomorrow.


→ M1- We are committed to deliver quality pharmacy education in order to matrix the learners into globally competitive pharmacist who are professionally intellectually adept and socially responsible.
→ M2- To develop beginners globally as a worldwide leader in a pharmaceutical research with the goal to produce scientifically, technologically, and ethically competent pharmacist with effective administrative and communication skills.
→ M3- To educate students as pharmacy professional in serving a nation and world for sustainable development, society harmony and peace without compromising on ethics and quality.
→ M4- To give a test of creativity, innovation, research and provide students with a fundamental knowledge problem solving skills and business awareness.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

→ 1. Commitment- To bring forth a quality professional equipped with technological advances to adopt easily to change in the ever evolving pharma and allied industry, hospital and clinical pharmacy set up, pharma retailing, distribution and government health agencies.
→ 2. Learning- To generate pharmacist who would demonstrate sustained learning and put knowledge to work on a large with excellence for the benefit of society.
→ 3. Leadership and Expertise- To generate pharmacist to be good researchers, innovators, facilitators, leaders and captains in the industry. To support national and international, technological, industrial and economic development.
→ 4. Team work- To engage pharmacist in professional ethical practices in a multidisciplinary environment, while contributing through leadership and commitment to team work.

Institute is Accredited by NAAC


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