Academics : Vision & Mission


→ To be a center of excellence in pharmacy education by offering value-based pharmacy and research knowledge to emerging pharmacists in society with multiskilled qualities.


→ M1: To inculcate high quality pharmacy knowledge and multifaceted skills to develop lifelong learning ability of students.
→ M2: To nurture innovative research and modern tools based learning environment with a sense of social responsibility.
→ M3: To encourage and strengthen pharmacists in leadership qualities and ethical attitude for sustainable development.
→ M4: To establish industry institute interaction to develop critical thinking ability in budding health care professionals.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

→ PEO 1: To produce a skilled pharmacist in order to effectively demonstrate research and modern tool usage.
→ PEO 2: To produce technically sound professionals with critical thinking ability for sustainable development.
→ PEO 3: To produce professionals with leadership and communication skills with ethical values.
→ PEO 4: To provide a lifelong learning ability with technical knowledge to address healthcare issues of the community.