Academics : Pharmaceutical Chemistry

About Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a branch of chemistry which deals with the study of organic chemistry (molecules and compounds) in combination with structural & chemical biology and pharmacology for producing pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. In the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, we synthesis/isolate & explore molecules of therapeutic relevance for better health, empowered by novel technologies at the interface of chemistry, analysis, and computational sciences.

This subject deals with classification and nomenclature of simple organic compounds, structural isomerism, intermediates forming in reactions, important physical properties, reactions and methods of preparation of these compounds.

The syllabus also emphasizes on mechanisms and orientation of reactions. This course deals with the fundamentals of analytical chemistry and principles of electrochemical analysis of drugs.

This subject deals with the application of instrumental methods in qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs. This subject is designed to impart a fundamental knowledge on the principles and instrumentation of spectroscopic and chromatographic technique. This also emphasizes on theoretical and practical knowledge on modern analytical instruments that are used for drug testing. Pharmaceutical chemistry department is established under the guidance of Mrs. A. D. Rasal, having experience of about 12 years in academics.

The Pharmaceutics department is well established, well equipped, spaced laboratories having following facilities

Sr. No. Title Details
1. Lab Area Lab 1: 79.17 Sq. Mt
Lab 2: 85.04 Sq. Mt

Equipment Details:

Sr. No. Name Minimum Requirement Available No Working
1. Glass distillation Unit - 1 Yes
2. Polarimeter 1 1 Yes
3. Refractometer 1 1 Yes
4. Colorimeter 1 1 Yes
5. pH meter 5 3 Yes
6. Electronic balance 2 1 Yes
7. Conductivity meter 1 1 Yes
8. Fuming hood 1 1 Yes
9. Microwavae oven 2 1 Yes
10. Hot plate 4 4 Yes
11. Magnetic stirrer 5 5 Yes
12. Potentiometer 1 1 Yes
13. Digital balance (1mg) 1 1 Yes
14. Vaccume pump 2 2 Yes
15. Arsenic test apparatus 20 15 Yes

Career choices in Pharmaceutics:

Graduates can play a key role in a variety of functions across the Pharmaceutical industry, Community Pharmacy and as Consultant Pharmacists

  1. Organic & Medicinal Chemistry Division
  2. Drug Discovery & Development (CADD)
  3. Formulation & Development Division
  4. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Division
  5. Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Division
  6. Marketing and Medicinal Detailing Division
  7. Intellectual Property Rights Division
  8. Pharmaceutical Analytical R & D
  9. Quality Control & Quality Assurance Division
  10. Analytical method development and validation
  11. Industrial R & D