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About Pharmacognosy


Pharmacognosy deals with the natural drugs obtained from organisms such as most plants, microbes, and animals. Up to date, many important drugs including morphine, atropine, galanthamine, etc. have originated from natural sources which continue to be good model molecules in drug discovery. The department of Pharmacognosy carryout isolation and characterization of active principle of natural products. Also, perform pharmacological screening of natural products to check biological efficacy like antiurolithiatic, antidiabetic, hepatoprotective, antiarthritic, antiulcer. Currently, other effects such as isolation of anticancer drugs, and nano particles from natural agents are being investigated in many plants belonging to various families. Folk medicine, alterative systems of medicine are supporting guidelines in collective effort of pharmacognosy research and development. Natural product authentication, morphology, microscopy, phytochemistry and screening for diseases or disorders of human population are prime research fields of this science. The extended horizons of this pharma science are biotechnological approach, herbal cosmetology, herbal nutraceuticals, marine drug research, national biopyracy studies, fundamental research on alternative system of medicine etc. natural products have been scientifically processed and incorporated as ingredients in different pharmaceutical dosage forms. The revival of phytopharmacy as reflected by its untility in modern drug therapy is indeed, a significant contribution of all those engaged in research pertaining to this branch of pharmaceutical sciences.

The Pharmaceutics department is well established, well equipped, spaced laboratories having following facilities

Sr. No. Title Details
1. Lab Area Lab 1: 79.17 Sq. Mt
Lab 2: 80.47 Sq. Mt

Equipment Details:

Sr. No. Name Minimum Requirement Available No Working
1. Pole climbing apparatus 5 5 Yes
2. Mixer grinder 2 1 Yes
3. Compound microsope 30 - Yes
4. Microscope with stage micrometer 2 2 Yes
5. Centrifuge 1 1 Yes
6. BOD incubator 1 1 Yes
7. Autoclave 1 1 Yes
8. Hot plate 60 20 Yes
9. Vacuum pump 1 1 Yes
10. Heating mantle 20 1 Yes
11. Lucida camera - 1 Yes
12. Fluorimeter 1 1 Yes
13 Digital pH meter 1 1 Yes
14. Dissection microscope 30 30 Yes
15. Eye piece micrometer 20 15 Yes
16. Stage micrometer 20 20 Yes
17. Micropipette single and multi-channeled 2 2 Yes
18. Moisture balance 1 1 Yes

Students can find good placements in key areas such as,

Graduates can play a key role in a variety of functions across the Pharmaceutical industry, Community Pharmacy and as Consultant Pharmacists

  1. Natural product research
  2. Herbal manufacturing including Production, QA/QC both in the private sector as well as Government sectors
  3. Regulatory affairs and
  4. Academics